Granada – What to Eat

Here are my top recommendations recommended by locals and guides I’ve met. Most of them are within walking distance from one another.

  1. Bodegas Las Mancha

One of my free walking tour guides introduced this place. PLEASE ORDER THIS THING IN THE PICTURE! (I have no idea what it is called.)

2. Bar La Sitarilla

Granada is the city of free tapas. When you order a drink at the bar, a free tapa arrives at your table together with your drink. Even though they are free, they are still so delicious! I came into this bar and it was crowded with locals, which is a good sign. But I felt super overwhelmed because I was the only Asian and you basically had to fight for the bartender’s attention to order. PLUS there was an ala carte menu which I thought was the only way to order. In the end 2 couples helped me, 1 pair told me that actually I can ignore that menu, just order a drink and it will come with a “mystery” tapa (which was very filling for me). The other pair invited me to sit with them. I ordered 2 drinks, and that’s how I spent 4 euros for a filling dinner.

3. Los Italianos

Somehow the locals really love this ice cream shop. There are so many flavours you will be spoilt for choice!

4. Piononos

This is a traditional dessert in Granada, basically a sponge cake made of eggs, sugar and flour. Mainly for the sweet tooth, worth a try since it is not expensive. You can get this local dessert at any bakery!

I recall spending less than 15 euros everyday in Granada. I had free breakfast at my hostel, mainly did free walking tours (you can offer the guides a stipend of any amount) and ordered 2-euros-Sangrias that came with tapas. If you want to save money in Europe, come to Granada.

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I am a huge fan of China. It is so big, so affordable, technology is awesome and food is delicious and generous, people are great and not as rude as you think (I could go on and on…) I started falling in love with China when I went on a school trip to two provinces – one of which is Guizhou, a super underrated gem.

Guizhou is a mountainous province in southwest China. It’s known for its hilly geography and traditional rural villages inhabited by minority groups.

  1. Huangguoshu Waterfall  黄果l树瀑布

This waterfall of 67m in height is one of the largest waterfalls in China and East Asia. Being the first time I visited a waterfall of this size and height, I was easily impressed. Even standing from afar you can feel the water droplets on you simply because the waterfall is HUGE.

The best part however, is that you walk along the back of the waterfall, through a 134m naturally-formed cave named “Shuiliandong” (水帘洞 or Water-Curtain Cave). It is believed that this is the habitat of Sun Wukong, the protagonist of the Buddhist-fantasy literature Journey to the West (I got this from Wikipedia). You WILL get wet.

Another sibling waterfall nearby also worth a sight is the “Yinlianzhuitan” Waterfall (銀鏈墜潭瀑布).

The roaring waters really make you marvel at the wonders of nature.

2. “Qianhu Miao Zhai” (千户苗寨 or Thousand households Miao village)

Do you know there are 56 ethnic groups in China? The Miao ethnic group is ranked 6 in terms of population size, and about 50% of them live in Guizhou, so the Miao culture is best preserved in this area. The most renowned village is this one which, though touristy, still offers you a good glimpse of the minority culture in China. There are vantage points for you to see the houses, traditional performances, and you can even try their traditional costumes.

3. Qingyan Ancient Town 青岩古镇

This ancient town (one of Guizhou’s top 4 ancient towns) was initially built for military reasons, but has now become a famous tourist attraction because of its long history and strong cultural atmosphere. One striking feature is its city walls made of rocks, resembling the Great Wall of China. It doesn’t look as tall or as steep, but will give you an equally good workout. There are many historical monuments within the town for you to appreciate its history, including monasteries, temples, cabinets, caves, courtyards and palaces – great for culture buffs!

Guizhou is by nature a very hilly province, its western and central parts have altitudes of one to two thousand meters above sea level. This is why I find that Guizhou’s beauty lies not just within its tourist attractions. It gave me good vibes overall because it was covered with greenery, and had relatively fresher air. I recommend you to go for morning strolls/runs so that you can fully appreciate its beauty. I enjoyed the views below when I went for morning runs with my trip mates!

Also, I always go to China in Spring/ Autumn, and I highly recommend these seasons for a better experience!

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Bandung – Where to Eat

  1. Sierra Cafe & Lounge

Located in a river basin surrounded by the Parahyangan mountains, Bandung is dotted with various cafes offering panoramic rooftop views of the landscape. We chose to visit this particular one on our way back to the city (instead of the more expensive Valley Café nearby). It was a close to jaw-dropping experience when I saw how the classy restaurant was backed by a picturesque view of the hills and houses below.

Because Bandung has cooler temperatures, you can even dine alfresco while enjoying the outdoor breeze. We ordered two mains and drinks which added up to about SGD20. Highly recommend this place!

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Dining with a panoramic view 😍

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2. Yes Ice Please (Yip Hauz)

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Cosy rooftop cafe spaces

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This was located opposite our hotel and they served mainly ice cream and desserts. We really liked the interior. There is also a rooftop for you to chill and people watch.


3. Atmosphere Resort Cafe

Located in the heart of Bandung, Atmosphere Resort Café offers both western and Indonesian cuisine in a Balinese-inspired interior.

For the best experience, you can dine in one of the Balinese-style 12 gazebos surrounded by plants and ponds.

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Enjoying a $5 chocolate fondue in the middle of a green paradise

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Prices are relatively high, but you pay for the great vibes! We had a nice time just sitting in our own wooden pavilion and chilling the afternoon away. The service was also pretty good.

4. Khatulistiwa in Dusun Bambu

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Fancy some traditional Indonesian cuisine?

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As mentioned in my other post, I recommended Dusun Bambu as a place to visit when in Bandung.

In this leisure park you will be spoilt for choice with the number of restaurants available! The restaurants boast unique concepts, but most were pretty expensive. We opted for Khatulistiwa – their “hawker centre/food court” equivalent, but it surpassed our expectations. The food was great yet affordable!

If you choose to sit on the 2nd floor, you get to enjoy equally good views as the other restaurants.

5. BONUS: Amanda Brownies

If you visit Bandung (or most parts of Indonesia) please get the Amanda Brownies! They are one of the best brownies I have ever eaten in my life, my only regret is not buying more during my trip because they are pretty dense and heavy (which shows its quality). Outlets are scattered around Bandung so you should be able to find one easily. They are the best souvenir from Bandung imo!

Bandung – Where to Stay

We were looking for an affordable yet decent hotel in Bandung, and got more than what we asked for. Spend your nights in Mercure Bandung City Centre and you can’t go wrong.

For me, the highlight really is the infinity pool, where I got to enjoy a panoramic view of the city peppered by undulating mountains in the background.

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Who doesn’t love hotel buffet spreads? 😋

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Not only did we get to enjoy an infinity pool view, the daily Indonesian/western buffet breakfast was sumptuous and tasty.

On one of the nights, we opted for a “Crazy Rich Ocean” Seafood Buffet (SGD20/pax) at the hotel rooftop, and the night views and food both didn’t disappoint.

if you are looking for a good hotel to return to after your day trips in Bandung, highly recommend Mercure for its cleanliness, the above amenities, as well as its location. The hotel is centrally located and within walking distance to many massage and food spots. Remember to book in advance for your massage because they are almost always full!

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