North Singapore – Food

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This hawker centre @yishunparkhc is super legit I shouldn’t have put off my coming here for so long. I enjoyed everything I ate here and I’m already planning to come back despite how ulu it is. Think this is one of the more successful hipster hawker centres, very spacious and good blend of modern-traditional vibes. Food is generally affordable. 1. @theskewerscorner their skewers are sooo fragrant just by the whiffs alone you know you are in for a good treat. Seasoning is on point and all the ingredients are fresh. This plate (including scallops hidden under) costs $10. Hidden gem!! 2. @ahtanwings legendary store where people queue for the “best harcheongkai in town”. I’ve tasted similar renditions before but if you are here for a Har Cheong Kai fix this reliable version wont disappoint. $1.80 per wing! 3. 烧shio – ahh their satay and pork belly skewers were so on point with the correct sweet-to-salty ratio and their sauce was lip-smacking good too. At $0.70 a stick for satay and $1.50 for pork belly I think it’s pretty reasonable for the quality. 4. @munchidelights – people also flood here for the traditional pancake because they supposedly have some pretty unique flavours like green tea. The cook was unfriendly but I managed to get my green tea pancake with red bean ($1.20), worth a try for their warm fluffy pancakes but the green tea flavour wasn’t distinct! Still so many stalls I haven’t tried here so I’m definitely gonna make another trip. Hopefully will try new dishes tho I’m tempted to stick to the above tried and proven😋)

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