I fell in love with Bath! People who came here generally had mixed comments, perhaps because Bath was not the first English town they visited. But, I really enjoyed my time so much I wish I stayed overnight.

  1. Free Walking Tour

If you are not staying over, you might not have time to see everything because of the fixed train hours. If so, I highly recommend the walking tour I did which will allow you to cover a lot of ground and history in a short time: Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides

This is the first walking tour I did is which is legitly free and no guide accepts a tip. You can tell the guides are doing it simply because they love their city. The walks are super popular with visitors and sometimes up to 100 people can gather at the starting point with four or five guides each setting off leading smaller groups. The guides are knowledgeable, entertaining, and made history come alive for me. I saw so many places of interest and the history behind which I would never have known about had I not taken this tour. It is also a brilliant way to get to hear the main points to research or tour further.

2. Sally Lunn’s

They are famous for the Bath delicacy the Sally Lunn Bun – the original Bath Bun, and while I was not very impressed with the lukewarm bun, it makes a good tea break in the afternoon. The interior is really cosy and there is a mini museum at the basement for the history buffs.

3. Explore the museums, shops and Bath Abbey

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Had a beef curry puff while walking around Bath

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One of the key landmarks in Bath is the Bath Abbey. I did not go in because entrance fee was pricey (by London’s free museums standard), and it did not look very big. Nonetheless, the abbey gives off an imposing vibe, and I love how it seems to “look over” the whole of Bath. If you join the free walking tour, the guide will give you a description of the Abbey and the significance of the exterior, which was sufficient for me.

There are at least 10 museums within Bath itself, the most famous being the Roman Baths. There is also plenty of shopping and little food shops, because locals do stay here and there is a pretty huge university.

You really cannot get bored here!

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