Granada – What to Eat

Here are my top recommendations recommended by locals and guides I’ve met. Most of them are within walking distance from one another.

  1. Bodegas Las Mancha

One of my free walking tour guides introduced this place. PLEASE ORDER THIS THING IN THE PICTURE! (I have no idea what it is called.)

2. Bar La Sitarilla

Granada is the city of free tapas. When you order a drink at the bar, a free tapa arrives at your table together with your drink. Even though they are free, they are still so delicious! I came into this bar and it was crowded with locals, which is a good sign. But I felt super overwhelmed because I was the only Asian and you basically had to fight for the bartender’s attention to order. PLUS there was an ala carte menu which I thought was the only way to order. In the end 2 couples helped me, 1 pair told me that actually I can ignore that menu, just order a drink and it will come with a “mystery” tapa (which was very filling for me). The other pair invited me to sit with them. I ordered 2 drinks, and that’s how I spent 4 euros for a filling dinner.

3. Los Italianos

Somehow the locals really love this ice cream shop. There are so many flavours you will be spoilt for choice!

4. Piononos

This is a traditional dessert in Granada, basically a sponge cake made of eggs, sugar and flour. Mainly for the sweet tooth, worth a try since it is not expensive. You can get this local dessert at any bakery!

I recall spending less than 15 euros everyday in Granada. I had free breakfast at my hostel, mainly did free walking tours (you can offer the guides a stipend of any amount) and ordered 2-euros-Sangrias that came with tapas. If you want to save money in Europe, come to Granada.

For ideas on what to see in Granada, click here!

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